Academy on the Green

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1803 Academy on the Green Bell Tower Restoration

MN Reale Construction was hired by the town of Branford, CT, to restore the bell tower on the historic 1803 Academy on the Green building. We removed it and brought it to our shop to reseal water-damaged areas, and carefully clean the copper. We also custom cut and mill new columns to replace the existing, badly damaged columns, and reinforce them with steel brackets and bolts to properly secure the bell tower. New millwork was completed to imitate the original trim on all of the exterior surfaces.  The Academy’s bell tower was successfully reinstalled on May 29, 2015. Read a summary of the installation process featured on The Sound and the Branford Eagle.

  • Historic restoration
  • Custom millwork
  • Removal / cleaning and reinstallation
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Academy Bell Tower in the News

Historic Bell Tower Comes Back To Green – Sans Bell, Branford Eagle, June 2, 2015

Back on Top in Branford, The Sound, May 29, 2015

Academy Bell Tower Finally Returned to its Perch, Shoreline Times, June 12, 2015