What is Design / Build?

Design / Build: A Process and an Approach

Design / Build is a start-to-finish process for your building needs. From the planning stage to the final steps, you’ll have one firm to work with. No more hiring a designer, an architect, an electrician, a plumber, a cabinetmaker. No more filing plans and managing permits. No more coordinating schedules and shipments. As your design-build contractor, MN Reale takes care of it all, with a team whose approach exemplifies cooperation, creativity, caring—and consideration, not only for your budget but also for your home.

What will Design / Build with MN Reale mean to you?
  • Input
    From day one, your ideas, your style, your needs, and your budget will all be part of the plans for the project.
  • Accountability
    You’ll have one coordinator to oversee your project, giving you a clear, accessible communication channel.
  • Efficiency
    We’ll set up a realistic, achievable schedule – and we’ll follow it!
  • Economy
    Careful planning with your budget in mind avoids costly in-project changes and escalating costs.
  • Peace of Mind
    No tearing out your hair or ranting to your friends. We’re committed to making your project a positive experience for you – and that’s a goal we take very seriously.

Take the first step toward turning your vision into reality. MN Reale will help better your lifestyle as we remodel your home. Contact us today!

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